About LearnUA

Our mission is to share Ukraine with the world while providing affordable courses. Raised money is used to support the needs of the people of Ukraine during russia’s unprovoked war.

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and founded in California’s Silicon Valley, LearnUA serves students worldwide. In 2021, LearnUA was created to share the Ukrainian language and culture with the world through accessible, affordable, and high-quality lessons.

Since then, LearnUA has begun creating individual programs for students of absolutely different levels and ages. Along with individual programs, we offer advanced Ukrainian and English-speaking clubs.

  • LearnUA is dedicated to continue developing ways to not only teach language but give learners resources to excel amidst real-world applications and modernizations of language.
  • In addition to adding English lessons, the LearnUA Foundation was also developed.
  • Since early 2022, LearnUA has been able to collect and distribute donations to the Ukrainian army and to fulfill humanitarian needs, helping to provide essential equipment ranging from clothes and medicaments to automobiles for Ukraine’s Territorial Defences.

LearnUA is proud to provide jobs for Ukrainians and take part in spreading the beauty of the Ukrainian language and culture to the world through unique learning opportunities and passionate tutors.

Our Courses

Once you’ve picked your type of course, as your tutor gets to know you and your learning style you will embark on an enjoyable, custom, effective learning journey.

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  • Ukrainian Lanuguage
  • Ukrainian Culture
  • Ukrainian History
  • American English

Donate to Ukraine

By clicking here you will be able to not only donate Ukraine, but access other effective ways to help Ukraine. We thank you in advance your contintinued support and actions to support Ukraine in their herioc battle.


Feel free to contact us at any time. We are always ready to connect with you and support you.